Homecoming AGSB@50: Giving Thanks for a Golden Harvest

As we embark on the culminating activities of the commemoration of AGSB@50 or our 50th Anniversary, may I invite you all to participate in the remaining activities of this once in a lifetime event:

1. Be a proud owner of our AGSB@50 commemorative credit card.
Apply for EastWest Bank Credit Card stamped with AGSB@50! Application forms shall be available upon your requests.

2. Take pride in wearing our certified commemorative school ring available in different sizes for both male and female, in 14k and 18k gold.

3. Dine, drink and rock at the once-in-a- bluemoon grand alumni homecoming: Giving Thanks for a Golden Harvest! YOU, ME, WE… are the harvest so let’s all be there! Let the invincible spirit of AGSB come alive again at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Pasay City on November 23, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

Help us get as many sponsors to make the event happen so your tickets may also be free! You would want to perform as part of the program? Join the AGSB Facutty Band, AGSB Bal Royale, ASMPH Dance Group, ASMPH Vox, Coke Studio, The Salsa Champions, Distinguised Alumni and others.

For those who feel AGSB’s blood running in your system, please pm me, Cherry Loyola or Lea Gobuyan.
May we have a generous harvest! Please share so the city roars: We are the best! AGSB forever!


With much gratitude,
Your Event Committee Chair

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